August Has Been Good To Me

Dressed in Mascara Meets The Outfit Repeater // Dressed in Mascara Blog
Is it even possible to choose the right words to describe one of the best days of your life? This August holds a great amount of some of my best days. On August 13th I met my best blogger friend, Hannah, The Outfit Repeater. On that same day I also held a butterfly in my hand and pet numerous sea creatures! On August 24th, I was approved to continue with my position as a library assistant and was scored a 3 out of 4. The entire month is chock full of my family’s birthdays. So yes, August has been amazing.
Dressed in Mascara Meets The Outfit Repeater // Dressed in Mascara BlogDressed in Mascara Meets The Outfit Repeater // Dressed in Mascara Blog
Hannah became one of my dearest online blogger friends back in 2011. She was super funny, her style was adorable, and it generally made me happy to see her hanging around the blogosphere. I knew I loved her the minute we decided to write letters to each other, digging deeper and deeper into each others’ lives. We understood each other like we were born to be sisters. Back in 2014 we made the huge jump from one whole blogging platform to a whole new realm, together. She was the first to get photos of my wedding day, y’a’ll. This girl is my bae.

For the meetup, we planned to go the the Tennessee Aquarium (which was the best idea ever) and then we randomly decided afterwards to hit up the thrift stores that we could and grab ice cream. Wanna know how I spotted her in downtown Chattanooga? She was atop a wavy bridge, blue curls blowing in the breeze, avoiding hobos at all costs. That was the first glimpse I got of her and I will never forget it. I’ll also never forget me running across the packed street to her running down the bridge stairs and hugging each other fiercely. I did break out into full blown hives as soon as I embraced her for the first time (my anxiety is REAL) but other than that it was a breeze to be around her. The feeling I kept having was I-have-missed-you-SO-much instead of this-is-the-first-time-I’m-ever-meeting-my-best-friend-and-I-should-freak-out. I dont want to give away all our snaps together, so enjoy these few for now! <3Dressed in Mascara Meets The Outfit Repeater // Dressed in Mascara BlogDressed in Mascara Meets The Outfit Repeater // Dressed in Mascara BlogDressed in Mascara Meets The Outfit Repeater // Dressed in Mascara Blog

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Fangirl Review + Outfit | The BBRBF Book Club

Fangirl Review + Outfit | The BBRBF Book Club I’m back with another BOOK REVIEW! This time it’s even better because I’m officially a part of the BBRBF Book Club and August was my month to choose! Not only was that nerve-wracking to me since I’m a new bookworm.. I had no clue what to choose. To Goodreads (and my coworkers) I went! They pointed me in all different directions until I came across Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. The girls of the BBRBF pointed out to me that Fangirl is technically the first book, so that’s what we chose! Can we all just take a minute to praise Rowell’s writing style? O.M.G. She literally tweaks your mind into being an 18 year old introvert, freaking out about school, boys, grades, a mom that abandoned her at a very young age, and a dad that’s always crossing the border of a mental ward. Cath’s life is pretty much turned upside down when her twin sister, Wren, forces her to attend a college away from home. Not only that, but she refuses to be her roommate! Growing up with Wren is all Cath knows, so not only is she being forced out of her comfort zone, she’s also being forced to break a piece away from her before she even begins this new life.Fangirl Review + Outfit | The BBRBF Book ClubFangirl Review + Outfit | The BBRBF Book ClubCath was cautious, smart, and extremely witty in so many funny ways and had the exact brain of 18yo me. She was completely relatable- staying locked away reading, writing, and escaping boys and the “party life”.  In some ways college set Cath free, but in other ways it taught her to embrace who she is. She was embarrassed by her Simon Snow fangirling at most times, but once a boy rolls around (Levi) that can’t resist her reading to him, she completely embraces it and finishes her last fic of the Simon Snow series Carry On, Simon. Note: Levi was absolutely adorable. It constantly reminded me of my husband since he is tall, blonde, and country. I just really related to this book and couldn’t have loved it more!Fangirl Review + Outfit | The BBRBF Book ClubFangirl Review + Outfit | The BBRBF Book ClubSpeaking of Cath’s mom and Levi- I was legitimately angry at both of them when they betrayed Cath in different scenes. I wanted to cry. I wanted to punch her mom in the face. I felt for her so much and was on Cath’s side completely when it came to her mom. Wren, on the other hand, was willing to forgive her. I’m like Cath- I can forgive you for what you’ve done, but that definitely doesn’t mean you can be a part of my life anymore. I laughed out loud so many times at Cath’s snarky/witty remarks. I loved her dad so much and felt like I wished I could put him to bed myself when his ideas were going bananas from work. I was totally impressed at how emotional Rowell’s writing made me, even though this book felt like a lightweight and uplifting read!Fangirl Review + Outfit | The BBRBF Book ClubThe only downside was….. Simon Snow. I know. The entire book is filled with fan fiction and pieces from the actual books, but I had to skip those parts. I couldn’t get past them sounding too similar to Harry Potter and I wasn’t feeling it! Sorry to let you down, Cath!

I haven’t read a book this good in a while. The dialog was amazing. The sarcasm, hilarious in-the-moment moments, and inside-Cath’s-brain parts were all my favorite. If you’re looking for a lightweight read, with good laughs here and there and a happy ending.. pick up this book. It’s just that good.Fangirl Review + Outfit | The BBRBF Book ClubOUTFIT DETAILS: Ross hot pink lace top
Thrifted skirt
JCPenney belt
Payless sandals
Claires earrings
Gifted gold rings from hubby

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